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a drawing do by me but I'll make one of her that is better when I get me drawtablet. >:D




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Wip by SealAwayHearts
Painting takes foreeeeeevvveeerrrr. At least with no pressures sensitivity anyways. >-<
For :iconmechanismon:
I kinda got carried away. ^^; I sort of wanted to put a back ground but didn't know what so why not have a person stumble on his rather serious trick.

Well Damion is a Vampire, you can't see his full costume very well cause of the cape, but I liked the pose. And the glow in his eye is just him using his weak Extrasensory for show. 
Mechanisomon- Damion Stone by SealAwayHearts
Mechanisomon- Damion Stone
Name: Damion Stone

Pokemon: Togepi

Age: 18, looks 18

Gender: Male 


Rank: F

Level: 5

Type: :iconfairytypeplz:

Country: Sihir

Hometown:  Balda

Class: Doctor

Guild: N/A

Extrasensory(egg move)- Allows Damion to feel his patient's pain or ailment so he can identify the illness faster and easier in emergency situations. This also gives him a slight ability to feel the state of souls, living or dead. As an attack Damion intensifies his target's pain with a odd power, sometimes making them flinch.
Growl- Growls at his patient to get them to comply when he is frustrated.
Charm-Charms a patient to comfort them, and to make them more compliant.
Metronome- Allowed a bit knowledge of other pokemon moves when Damion wiggles his finger. Damion is then allowed to attack his enemies with the randomly generated move. The moves he acquires through this method of attack is rather limited and weak at the moment. He must stay concentrated for this move to work.

Ability: Serene Grace- Boosts the percentage of added effects, like the chances of lowering a stat is increased.

Accessory: Carries his mother's heart shaped pendant, and her lucky feather. Also carries some of his common equipment when he is doing simple checkups.

Personality: Damion is rather hard to warm up to outside of his work. He is rather reluctant to approach people unless he needs to. You can usually find him reading medical books and other health related books in his downtime. Occasionally he will draw or illustrate his note. Despite his rather dry personality he loves kids and old people. He can relate to them more because he has 6 siblings, some full blooded, Half blooded, and others step siblings. (I'll explain in background) Damion has a caring personality, it's just he needs time to open up to others. 

Talents: Damion is good at memorizing medical information, a skill he had inherited from his mother. He has a rather strong stomach both as a idiom and eating wise. And can draw fairly well to illustrate his research. 

Weaknesses: Damion can not open up very well to people on a personal level. He has more of an interest in treating others than making bonds with them. Damion can not swim very well. Damion is not physically strong, his strength is more twords academics. Damion struggles with not really having a father figure in his life and envies those who has had solid bonds with their parents. When his is too flustered or overwhelmed Damion can not use the move metronome. If he can not hold onto the information given through the move metronome the move will fail. Damion has a slight fear of ghosts. He does not like how the atmosphere feels when ghosts are around, especially while using the move extrasensory.

Background: As a boy Damion grew up in Landermacht with his father, mother, and younger brother Marshal for the first six years of his life. He never really knew his father due to the fact his father was either working or drinking away his time away from his family. The times Damion's father was in their lives only lead to fights between him and their mother until eventually they divorced. Three years later Damion's mother was engaged to a Jeweler they eventually had a baby girl named Nora. Damion loved Nora despite not being on the best of terms with his step father. Years flew by slowly until their mother passed away. Damion was twelve when she passed away and held onto the three most precious things she gave him, her pendant, her unusually colored feather, and Nora. Of course Damion's step father remarried, but to a rather aggressive altaria who tormented the fairy siblings. For years Damion took it upon himself to protect his siblings even if it lead to fights between his step father and his wife. He always ended as the victim and was constantly punished for things he did not do. Most of them lies constructed by his new "mother". When Damion was sixteen he had enough. He confronted his adoptive parents and demanded to know if there was anywhere else he could live other than with them. At first his adoptive parents refused to allow him to leave, saying they have done nothing wrong as parents and that he should be grateful for letting him and his blood siblings live with them. That is until Damion stated the only good thing that came from his mother marrying his step father was Nora. That claim pushed Damion's step father over the edge. Grabbing Damion's arm he left a mark up the sixteen year old's hand embbeding deep scars from the Talonflame's firey touch. He threw Damion into the streets and told him never to come back.

Alone and unfit for a job in Landermacht Damion fled to Balda hoping for some mercy and a place to call home. Damion has spent two years trying to payback the people of Balda by becoming a decent doctor in order to give back to the community who cared for him when he had no where else to go. Damion makes trips to Landermacht in order to see his blood siblings from time to time. Though it isn't often and he must keep it discrete between the two of his blood siblings. When he does see them he often has to treat his brother Marshal. Marshal has now become the target of their abusive parents and it has left Damion worried sick what will happen if the abuse go on for too long. 

Other: Damion's father was a noctowl. His mother was a togekiss, who worked as a nurse before becoming a mother. Both Marshal and Nora are togepis like Damion. The trio siblings were often picked on for not having wings. And were often abused by their new "Mother" because of her grudge against fairy types. Damion's step father only kept the two boys around as a promise to their mother that he would take care of them until they could be out on their own. Damion keeps his arm wrapped up as often as possible, he doesn't like looking at the reminder his step father gave him that keeps him away from Nora and Marshal. Has a couple of strawberry birth marks on his back like the one on his cheek. Sometimes skips meals adding to his rather thin look, though his is not picky and will often take what you offer him.

Personal Quote: If you would just hold still this wouldn't be so bad!

Theme song:…
Bloody rabbit by SealAwayHearts
Bloody rabbit
I haven't uploaded in a wile, so here's something from my art class
Timelord by SealAwayHearts
When one of your friends wants him and his buddies to be timelords in order to train lazer shooting dinosaurs you don't refuse.
Personal problems in RL, I'd rather not say other than I am going through some family and school stress.


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Juanita, middle name
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United States
I'm I girl that luves pokemon,criminalminds,pokemon, and drawing

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